Tax Preparation & Filing Services


For your convenience, we offer two contact-free drop off locations to ensure our mutual safety during

COVID-19. Drop off is 

available in South Windsor and in East Windsor.


Your time is precious. Save travel time by uploading your documents from the

comfort of your home. And, maintain future access to your documents.


As experienced professionals, we pride ourselves on serving our valued clients with integrity and providing an excellent customer service experience.


Your documents are

secured with end-to-end encryption, stored in Canada and privacy is in

compliance with PIPEDA


Step One

Complete our Tax Return Checklist.


Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya

Step Two

Provide us with your tax documentation.

  • If you have identified on the Tax Return Checklist that you would like to upload your documents, we will send you a link to upload documents. 

  • If you prefer to drop off your documents, we have two locations for your convenience; one in South Windsor and one in East Windsor. Please ensure that your documents are placed in a sealed envelope.


Step Three

Complete the T183 Form.

  • Form T183 grants permission to a third party to submit a tax return on behalf of an individual.

  • As part of the federal COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, CRA has approved the use of electronic signatures for the individual T183 form.

Credit Card

Step Four

Make your payment via e-transfer or by credit card.

Contract Review

Step Five

When your tax return is complete, we will contact you to review your return and arrange for pick up.